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Tony Allen Karaoke Night ’16


Tuesday night Tony Allen, Grizz Fans, JIFF participants and supporters gathered at the Esplanade in Cordova, TN to have some fun for a good cause.  If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m referring to The Grindfather, Tony Allen’s Annual Karaoke Night to benefit the JiFF (Juvenile Intervention and Faith based Follow-Up) program. Tony Allen supports this program because he grew up in similar circumstances as the youth that JIFF was designed to serve.

The JIFF program serves juvenile offenders in an effort to break the destructive cycle of juvenile crime, through Christ centered intervention.

The work at JIFF involves the following Ministry Goals:
  • Reduce the recidivism (repeat offense) activity of all JIFF participants to below 35%.  (National statistics:  65 – 85% of juvenile offenders re-offend within 3 years.)
  • Help each JIFF participant to develop a life plan with meaningful and measurable goals and begin to implement that life plan with guidance from JIFF Case Mentors.
  • Link each JIFF graduate with a community mentor (Life Coach) who will continue to work with that youth once a week — for one year.

The program boasts a drastic reduction in juvenile re-offenders.  85% of juvenile first offenders re-offend.  JIFF has lowered this number to the mid 30% range.


Last year, a week or so after the 3rd annual Karaoke Night, some of the We Don’t Bluff staff met with Kevin Williams.  Mr. Williams normally serves as program director but on this particular day he served as tour guide. Our tour started in the dining area, where the kids are served a meal.  Once meal time was over our tour continued through the kitchen and onto to the laundry area.  As we are standing outside of the laundry area, Mr. Williams takes a moment to explain what we have seen so far.  Once the food is prepared the youth serve the food to their peers and are also responsible for cleaning the dining area.  They are also responsible for cleaning the kitchen and laundering any towels, tablecloths, etc. that were used.  During this series of events job and life skills are taught and learned.  The skills learned at JiFF can be used to gain employment and to improve their home life.

I have personally heard from young people that some of the reasons they engage in negative behavior is a result of boredom and a lack of opportunity to engage in positive activities.

“If you are going to take the gun and dope out of their hands, you have to replace it with something positive.  That’s what we do here at JIFF,” says Williams.

The next stop on our tour leads us to a study room and a computer lab.  This is where the homework is done and computer skills are learned.  Mr. Williams also shows us an exercise room and a basketball gym.

Graduates and supporters  of the JIFF program stop buy on a regular to talk to the youth.  The goal was and is to work with offenders that are referred by Juvenile Court with the objective of assisting them in reducing recidivism, and facilitating heir reentry and planning for the future.

DJ Tim Bacchus and Karaoke King Productions provided the sounds for the evening.  Contestants entertained the crowd with their own renditions of some of their favorite songs.  Performances ranged from Otis Redding’s Sitting At The Dock Of The Bay to the Commodores’ Brick House and even included a duo performing Biz Markie’s Just a Friend. 

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All of the performances were great, however eight-year-old Ayan Alexis stole the show when she performed her original song We Don’t Bluff We Grind.For more information on DJ & Karaoke services visit KaraokeKingProductions.com.

Grizzlies rookie Jarrell Martin was in attendance as one of the judges.  And judging by the dancing and dabbing he was doing I think it’s safe to say he had a good time.  The Grizzlies are in action again Friday night when they host the Toronto Raptors.  For game ticket information visit grizzlies.com.

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