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Dear Reggie Miller,


First things first. It was fun watching you play when I was growing up.  Watching Ray Allen break your record was one of my happiest moments as an NBA fan.  I also enjoyed watching your sisters career also.  The one thing I never got to do is see the two of you in the same room, gym, photo, or video.  I suspect foul play, like you dressing up as her and playing in womens games on some Juwanna Man type of thing.  But, I’ve digressed.

Zach Randolph is one of the few Grizzlies that started the season and is still standing.  Based on a conversation I had with him, I know that at one point you are someone that Zach held in high regards.  I’m not sure how he feel about you after your comments.  I know he didn’t like them and they will be used as motivation for tonight’s game.  So, Thanks but not really.

For you to think that you and your colleagues really stand a chance at even one quarter of basketball against the Grizzlies is asinine, but you are entitled to your opinion.  The problem is, you opened your mouth and proved how foolish you are.  We’re talking about a Grizzlies team that lost two of the core four, their replacements, and even some of their replacements.  I personally don’t think you stand a chance against anyone on the roster in a good game of 1 on 1, maybe that’s why you brought your co-workers names into the convo.  All of that got me wondering a few things:
-Dou think it’s a good idea to kick a guy while he’s down?
-You really think that you and your colleagues really stand a chance against the Goon Squad?
-Who would you guard?
-How many points would you score once Tony Allen put the clamps on you?
-Or maybe you think you’d have a better chance posting up Z-Bo, or JaMychal Green? That I’d like to see! Remember what happened to Jeff  Green on his return to the forum? I predict the same outcome for you!
-How many times did you not make the playoffs even with a roster full of healthy players?
-How many rings do you have? Other than the one hanging from the center of your questionable belly button tattoo?

If your goal was to give the Grizzlies a bit of motivation, mission accomplished.  Next time find away to do it without being so disrespectful.  And if you happen to be in Memphis this weekend, watch your back and front.




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