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Memphis’ New Centuation

First he made his acceptance speech from behind a podium, then he stepped from behind the podium and up to a microphone. There he was, Memphis’ own, wearing a grey suit with a blue tie and (drum roll please) you guessed it, a Gucci belt.

Before the question and answer session could get started we get a glimpse of just how serious Coach Hardaway takes coaching basketball. He was asked about his latest round of golf and he replied that he hasn’t played in quite some time. When questioned about his not being to fond of the media, cameras, and reporters, he dismissed the notion by reassuring the media that it’s part of the job and he’s down for the cause.

A few hours after Anfernee’s first press conference was over, the Tiger Football team would be practicing in pads for the first time this spring. While the players were taking the practice field in pads, Coach Norvell was showing his support for the newly appointed Tiger basketball coach by wearing a royal blue pair of Penny’s signature Foamposites. When I asked him about his choice of shoes he replied “you either in or you out!!”

Here’s what we learned from Coach Hardaway’s first official press conference.

– This is God’s Plan

– He’s not just the face of the program. He’s here to do the job, and at a high level

– He will upgrade schedule on the near future.

– He knows what he doesn’t know. Learning the layout of the conference us what he sees as his biggest challenge.

– Larry Finch and Desmond Merriweather would be proud of him

– High level recruits will ve falling in his lap

– We can expect to see the Tigers in retro uniforms

– Tony Madlock is the only definite assistant on his staff

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