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Tigers Beat Lil’ Brother

In the First quarter of today’s game the Tigers came out strong holding Ole Miss scoreless in the first quarter. New Comer Kenneth Gainwell had a couple of break out runs that set up a 1 yd Brady white keeper for the first TD of the 2019 season.

2nd Quarter brought more excitement & flair when the tigers went for a 4th and 1 using Patrick Taylor as the quarterback on the Rebel 40yd line with six minutes left in the half. John Pop Williams also showed up to display that he has no problem filling the vacated spot of Tony Pollard displaying his Punt return Game. Patrick Taylor Jr ended the 2nd quarter with a 1 yd run for a touchdown.

3rd quarter brought us more heart stopping action when Patrick Taylor ran 40 plus yards on a wildcat play resulting in a touchdown that was called back via an Ole Miss Challenge. Shortly after Benito Jones (NT) (Ole Miss) surprised us with a interception as a lineman.

4th Quarter also did not disappoint as Ole Miss fans started to get together and rally behind their Rebel team that was on the verge of a comeback, until Linebacker Bryce Huff (Memphis) killed their rally with a safety for Memphis sealing the Memphis Win!

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